JPEG JAVA “Steezy Drip”


Crypto Heads is excited to offer Steezy Ape Gang coffee to their dripped-out community.

Shipping: Worldwide

Size: 12 ounces

Blend: Decaf | Regular

Roast: Light | Medium | Dark

Flavor: Various

Type: Whole Bean

*All orders ship from the USA




Enjoy a cup of Java while you trade your Jpegs, degens!


Light Roasts (Decaf)

COLOMBIAN: mellow flavor & smooth body deliciously rich and sweet

Light Roasts (Regular)

BREAKFAST BLEND: mild flavor & light body, lively and invigorating blend

KONA: mild flavor & medium body, a smooth and sweet taste


Medium Roasts (Decaf)

MEXICAN: smooth flavor & heavy body, with a bittersweet aftertaste

SUNRISE BLEND: mild flavor & moderate body, creating an aromatic brew

Medium Roasts (Regular)

DONUT SHOP: mellow flavor & smooth body perfect for weekday mornings

ETHIOPIAN: Fruit forward with ripe berry notes, sometimes wild with underlying nutty tones

SUMATRA: mellow flavor & full body, a smooth and earthy cup


Dark (Decaf)

FRENCH: rich flavor & medium body a dark and spicy brew

SUMATRA: rich flavor & silky body, with fruity and earthy undertones

Dark (Regular)

COLOMBIAN: mellow flavor & smooth body, deliciously rich and sweet

FRENCH: rich flavor & medium body, a dark and spicy brew

ITALIAN: dark flavor & mild body, full of vigor and spice

ROCKET: intense flavor & full body, strong but smooth blend

SUMATRA: rich flavor & silky body, with fruity and earthy undertones

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